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The goal of this math website is:

Serve as a web math learning tool for all students, parents, or teachers

Learning mathematics by understanding principles and examples

Apply math concepts to solve real world problems

Help middle school students prepare for high school

Help high school students prepare for college

Encourage more students to engage in math and science

Improve students math testing score in standard tests

Help students success in college study

To practice problems in the geometry section, students need to draw a diagram for each question, label the knowns and mark the unknowns in the diagram. Practice logic inference, from known to unknown, step by step. Apply geometry principles to each step. Do examples and exercises yourself and check the answers. The goal of this geometry study section is to help students to learn reasoning and write the solution step by step. Master geometry problem solving skills. Help students improve PSAT, SAT and ACT scores in geometry. Build a good habit on math study and Inspire students' interest in math.

To practice problems in the algebra section, students need to read each concept carefully and do examples step by step. Apply algebra principles to each step and use the algebra skills. The goal of this algebra study section is to help students to build a solid algebra background which will benefit when students take high school math classes and also helps students improve PSAT, SAT and ACT scores in Algebra.

The problem and solving in the trigonometry section is to help students deep understand high school mathematics and prepare for college. Students who have a good study habit and good understanding in mathematics have more possibility to success in technical college. Opportunities are always for those who are well prepared.

Most importantly, mathematics can train our brain. By learning mathematics, we can obtain the logical thinking skills which can be apply to our life. If we need to make a new product or modify an existing one, we need at least to know its principal of mathematics. The future of a country is the children. Let us to help children spend more time on reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Help children have more options to choose from for their career and help them build self-confidence.

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