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About This Math Learning Website

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The website is “Learning Mathematics through Examples”. There are many examples in this website to explain the math principles. The goal of this website is to help junior high and high school students to better understand those topics taught in school class. The main purpose is to have high school graduates could success in college mathematics related study. Some contents may apply to community college students.

There are many trigonometry examples in text and video formats. The video lessons created in the website is to help better understanding the trigonometry. The examples in this website designed to have students to obtain the analytical ability, reasoning ability and problem-solving ability.

A student is encouraged to do each example yourself. Set up a goal and complete your plan each day. Think about what method and principle to use for solving each problem, and make a summary. Remember the opportunities are always for those who are prepared.

Welcome to visit this website often, the website is always updating the contents. A good study habit will help a person build confident and capable to facing changing world. So self-learning ability is very important for a person. Set a goal and make progress each day. Ask yourself what concepts do I applied to solve this problem? Making progress each day to build your confidence, working for your future!

Spend more times on reading, writing, mathematics and science, you will have more choice to choose your career after graduate from high school. Mathematics can be self-learning. Mathematics study can make a person to gain the skill of logical thinking, analyzing and solving problem. A good study habit will help a person build confident and capable to facing changing world. Opportunity is always for those who are prepared.

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