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What contents are included as a member to access?

Inside member access there are eight subjects: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic-Geometry, Logarithms, Functions, SAT1 and Tests.

In Algebra section

There is algebra 1 and algebra 2 in which includes exercises, detailed answers for each lesson and examinations. Special emphasis is given to algebra skills.

In Geometry section

There are 159 examples and 112 exercises and detailed answers for each exercise. All solutions are graphically visualized to help students to understand how to apply the geometry principles to solve problems step by step. This will help students build deduction and logical thinking skills. The concepts in each lesson are clearly explained and illustrated with typical examples. Each problem and answer include graphics which help students visually identify the problem and understand how to solve each particular problem.

In Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Logarithm, and Function sections

There are 163 examples and 74 exercises and step by step solutions. The goal of these sections is to help students develop an understanding of these concepts, improve their skills and acquire an understanding of this material. Understanding these sections is very important for students' success in college studies. All problems are typical cases and solutions are graphically visualized. By getting through these sections, students will understand how to apply trigonometry techniques and algebra skills to solve these problems.

In SAT1 section

There are 39 examples covered algebra, geometry and solid geometry, which help students understanding math principles and how to apply them to solve problems. The algebra techniques are in each step of geometry solutions, which is important for middle and high school students.

In Tests section

There are 160 geometry problems, 240 algebra problems, 30 trigonometry problems, 10 logarithms problems, and 20 mixed problems, which covers the area of geometry, algebra, trigonometry and probability. The detailed solution will be provided if an answer selection is incorrect.

The goal of this website

To build a very solid background on geometry and algebra, and also to help students to gain a high score on ACT, SAT and standard math test. The content of this website can be also used as home school and teacher's reference. The content for member access is a great resource for students who are willing to pursue science or engineering career and also help students to success in college education.

What is the cost of getting the full access the website?

Not $19.95. Now only $15.95 for one month.

How to become a member?

Click Purchase link in Home page and fill in the account information form. All your information is protected. Click Buy Now button, you will see the page that shows thank you for becoming a member. Click Register link on that page. In Register page, enter your User Name, Password, E-mail address. Click Create User button. You will see a page showed that your account has been successfully created. Click Continue button and bring you into Member Home Page.

Note: the minimum length of the password is 7 characters long. Do not put your personal data as your password.

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