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What is the algebra expression? In arithmetic, the basic operation are sum, difference, product and quotient. In algebra, use letters such as a, b, c, x or y to represent particular numbers. The expression that use the basic operation symbol to connect number and letter is called algebra expression. In algebra, the basic operation symbol also include power which can be possible, negative or fraction. How to write the algebra expression? We need to find those words that related to quantity. We use number, letter and operation symbol to express those words sentence. When you do these examples, you will think what math principle should used to solve each problem. This process will help you understand the math principles.


Geometry is the study of the relationship among the shape, size and position of an object. In this section, the geometry we study is the plane geometry. There are many concepts and properties in plane geometry. We need to study them one by one. The best way to master geometry is to practice. When solve a geometry problem, you need to analyze which math principle can be applied to solve the problem. The more practice, the more understanding math you have.


The function section is for those students who are interested in high school mathematics. Help students more understand trigonometry and help students ready for college study. If you have a well understand trigonometry, you should finish college study not more than four years which will save expensive tuition.

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