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Line and angle


Isosceles Triagles

Equilateral Triangles

Right Triangles


Congruent Triangles

Proportion and Similar Triangles







cylinder and sphere problem

The purpose of this website is to help students understand the topic of the mathematics talked in class. Help students improve the ability of self-studding. Hope students could listen carefully to the video and do the example your-self in order to find which concept to apply to solve this kind of problem, and review them later. Hope students could spend time on most important things such as, reading, writing, mathematics and science.

Mathematics can be self-learning. By good understanding mathematics, you can successfully graduate from college. So, you need to set a goal and works for your future, make progress each day, and get confident about yourself. Do each example yourself will help deep understanding those concepts in these topics. Opportunity is always for those who are prepared.

Content includes: line segments example, parallel line and angle example, lines, triangle and angles example, parallel lines, angle bisector and triangle, find interior angles in a triangle, exterior angle of a triangle, isosceles triangle examples, equilateral triangle examples, equilateral triangle area and altitude, right triangle examples, rectangle problem solving, congruent triangle example, ratio problem solving, similar triangles examples, triangle exterior angle bisector property, polygon example, find area of the parallelogram, area of the rhombus, circle examples, area of an equilateral triangle, area of an obtuse triangle, area of a triangle, area of a bow, area of a circle, area of a triangle a circle inscribed, area of a quadrilateral, cylinder and sphere problem solving.

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