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What is the algebra expression and how to translate words into algebra expression?

An algebra expression is a combination of terms and mathematical operations with no equal or inequality sign.
Example 1:
The words expression is : 3 less than two times the number x
The algebra expression is : 2x - 3
2x - 3 is a polynomial with two terms. Its first term is 2x and second term is -3, the second term is a constant term.
2x - 3 can be written as: 2x + (-3), so the two terms combined by the operation of add. A polynomial is an algebra expression in which the variables appear only with nonnegative integer exponents.
Example 2:
The words expression is: 6 more than five times the number x
The algebra expression: 6 + 5x
Note: The polynomial 6 + 5x can be written as: 5x + 6 which has two terms. Its first term is 5x and second term is 6.
Example 3:
Which of the following terms are algebra expressions? Which terms are not an algebra expressions?
-2, x, 3x + 2, 5x2 + 2x - 3, x + 2 = 1, x - y = 0.
-2, x, 3x + 2, 5x2 + 2x - 3 are algebra expressions.
x + 2 = 1, x - y = 0 are not algebra expressions. Since x + 2 = 1 and x - y = 0 contain the equal sign, so they are equations.
A polynomial containing only one term is called a monomial.
A polynomial containing exactly two terms is called a binomial.
A polynomial containing exactly three terms is called trinomial.
A polynomial is an algebra expression.
-2, x are monomial. 3x + 2 is a binomial. 5x2 + 2x - 3 is a trinomial.
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