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Algebra 2 Video Lessons

Roots of quadratic equation

Property of quadratic functions

Quadratic equation variable substitution method

Quadratic equation root extraction method

Quadratic equation factoring method

Quadratic equation completing square method

quadratic equation formula method

Roots and coefficient of quadratic equation

Draw the graph of a quadratic function

Transform graph of a quadratic function

Write the analytical expression from graph

Domain of a function

Inverse function

Function equation

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Content includes: roots of quadratic equation, solving quadratic equations, property of quadratic functions, find property of the parabola from its graph, quadratic equation variable substitution method, quadratic equation factoring method, variable substitution example, solve quadratic equation by root extraction method, solve quadratic equation by factoring method, solve quadratic equation by completing square method, prove that the value of a polynomial is always larger than zero, solve quadratic equation using formula method, find the quadratic equation when given two solutions, draw the graph of the quadratic function, relationship between the graph of a quadratic function and its coefficients, transform graph of a quadratic function, find the quadratic function by three points on the graph, find the quadratic function from graph, find the domain of a function, find the domain of a function involved in logarithm, find the value of an inverse function, solve a function equation to find f(x).

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